Blue Cottage Farm

If you wish to get away from the crowd but you still fancy spending some days – or longer periods of time – at Lake Balaton, Blue Cottage is an ideal ’secret garden’ for you.

If you are looking for something extraordinary, our group packages are exactly for you.


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Beauty minutes

Our lady guests can take advantage of the 3 in 1 body polish which has an effect that breaks up fats, tightens the skin surface and formats the shape on problematic areas. Cellulite can also be cured with the combination of radio frequencies and muscle stimulation.
In order to reach the goal, ten treatments are necessary, with the intensity of three treatments a week. At least 2,5 litres of liquid and an appropriate diet is also needed. 30 minutes cardio movement is recommended.
Price of a one-hour treatment: 4000 Fts / person / treatment.

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Leisure time activities

Galerius bath and spa

Siófok-Szabadifürdő, Szent László u. 183.
+36 84 506 580



+36 70 553 2875

Bella animal farm and zoo

Siófok, Verebesi u. 35.
+36 30 939 6006


Bella Farm – riding a horse

Siófok, Verebesi u. 35.
+36 30 939 6006


Wine tasting evening

Öreg hegy